World’s first interactive Student Street View of Wageningen University campus live as Facebook application.

This Facebook application allows prospective and enrolled students to explore the Wageningen University campus in an interactive way.

1,000 Wageningen University freshmen captured Wageningen campus on a smart phone to create the world’s first Student Street View as a Facebook application. This Facebook application allows prospective and enrolled students to explore the Wageningen University campus in an interactive way. Photographs can be shared with friends and family through social media.
The enthusiastic freshmen and their smart phones lined up in three education buildings,covering 11 floors and stretching across 5 miles of campus. They all took two pictures each upon the given signal; one from the front and one from the back. Hundreds of photographs were taken within 15 minutes and collected to create this unique Facebook application.

The Facebook Application virtual tour
The virtual tour begins upon disembarking the bus. Visitors click across campus and travel through the education buildings: Forum, Leeuwenborch and sports centre the Bongerd. There they explore the lecture halls, Project Based Learning (PBL) spaces, computer labs and other practical laboratories. The virtual tour takes visitors past cafeterias and coffee areas filled with students and teachers, and meets up with sports associations presenting their sports.

Wageningen University is always innovating new ways to communicate with students interactively. The marketing department in coordination with interactive agency, Tribewise, set up the Student Street View campaign.

Check out Wageningen University’s campus at

  • Client: Wageningen University (Student Recruitment)
  • Brand: Wageningen University & Research centre
  • Client: Edwin Kelhout, Susanne Laven en Gemma Kregting
  • Agency: Tribewise
  • Strategy & concept: Bas Gezelle en Matthijs Roumen (Tribewise)
  • Interaction design: Linda Vermeer en Hugo van de Hoef (Rhinofly)
  • Development: Bertram Vlaanderen en Jurgen van Kralingen (Rhinofly)
  • Video production: Nanno Jiskoot (Jisk Film)
  • Press photography: Joris Schaap fotografie
"We are very pleased with the result. It especially allows prospective students from abroad to gain an impression of our campus." Susanne Laven, recruiter at Wageningen University Student Recruitment department.
About Wageningen University Student Recruitment

Wageningen University, part of Wageningen UR, is the only university in the Netherlands to focus specifically on the theme ‘healthy food and living environment’. We do so by working closely together with governments and the business community.

Our research and education are strongly geared toward application in practice. This is achieved through the close cooperation across different study directions and the combination of the natural and social sciences. This allows us to obtain an integrated approach of actual social themes, such as climate change, unhealthy lifestyles, the continued pressure on natural habitats, and the well-being of animals. The world is our working area. Our researchers are active around the globe and our university hosts students from over 100 countries. Inherent to the structure of the university is the amount of personal attention available for students and researchers. Our mission is, ‘To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.’